Handfastened and Heartjoined…

Our wedding was a success! I do have to say that for the most part, it had to have gone very well, considering that when my family gets together, it’s utter chaos! A special Thanks to my Aunt Beckie and Uncle Dean for allowing us to use their beautiful backyard for our ceremony! The main focus for this wedding was for it to be nice, yet cost efficient! Thanks again!

A special thank you for all that traveled a great distance to be here! It surely wouldn’t have been the same without you. I do wish I had more time to spend with each and every one of you guys, but I do thank you for your understanding that it was quite a busy time. I guess sometimes, even when you think you have total control
over the situation, it’s just how the ball rolls. I couldn’t have asked for anything better. Be sure to check out the wedding pictures on my myspace page: www.myspace.com/charmedoneagain

An Extra Special Thank You:

Aunt Beckie and Uncle Dean, it couldn’t have happened without you! You’re my angels!!!

Dad, Michelle, & Eddie, I truly appreciate you guys pitching in at almost the last minute. It surely was not forgotten! Eddie- Thanks for being a great brother and stepping in when those bailed out!!

Mom, Francisco, Grandma, & Vicente, I appreciate you driving all this way to come to our event! I don’t get to see you guys very much and only seem to connect via Alexander Graham Bell. Thanks Again!

Stephanie, The best littlest sister any girl could ask for. I’m truly grateful that you were able to provide transportation to get Kris and Rae here, and I wouldn’t have had it without you. That’s what baby sis’ are for!

Kristina and Raeann, The Best BFF any girl could ask for!! 20+ Years, I couldn’t think of anyone better to sign my marriage certificate. Truly one to remember!! Rae- You were a great little flower girl. I’m sorry you weren’t able to drop flowers, they remembered at the last minute, and that’s just it, the last minute wasn’t enough time. Thank you again!!

Jessica, Levi, Christian, & Sean, I’m so sorry that you had to leave right after the wedding, but I enjoyed every little moment that we got to hang out together (although it wasn’t for very long). It is our goal to go back next year, so hopefully, it’ll be better than this last visit!!

Gloria, Morten, Kelsey, & Lauren, Need I say more??!! You guys are shining stars and it was so much fun to see your shining faces! I hope to see you guys in your new place when we come visit next year… I’m truly looking forward to it!

LaRena, Ron, Kortnie, & Kodie, There are no words that express how truly grateful we are for you guys!! Thank you for your generosity and for making it to our wedding! Also, WHAT AN AMAZING CHANGE SINCE THE LAST TIME YOU GUYS SAW JEFFREY!! It was almost a year ago when you guys saw him and he was itty bitty, now, he’s not so itty bitty. As we like to call him, “TANK”. LOL.

Aaron & Nichole, Thank you for being able to make it considering the horrible circumstances that occured just barely before the wedding! We Love you guys!!

Eric & Lindy, Thank you for being there for us and especially for Ross. It shows true family!

Sarah & Jeremy, Thank you for going out of your way to take additional wedding photos, the more the merrier, I always say!

Sara, Raquel, & Jesse, Thank you for not being a pain in my ass on my day, I do truly appreciate it. Roxy- Thank you for being a wonderful flower girl! You were great!

Grams & Gramps, You’re right along up there in the clouds with Aunt Beckie and Uncle Dean! Thank you for helping prepare all the food and making everything just wonderful! I don’t get to see you guys very much, so it was truly very nice to see you come up all the way from California to be part of our special day!

Aunt Jennifer, What a DRIVE! All the way from Montana! I loved the hazelnut/condom gift you gave us. Too bad the condom broke! Too funny! Thank you again for being a part of our special day!

SIL Shanna, It took a while to warm up to the idea that my lil bro got married, but he sure did find a fine lady! You’re absolutely wonderful, a god send if I do say so my self. Your little nephew is going to miss having you watch him on Tuesday!

Steven, BFF and All, You know I love YOU!!

Melissa, I don’t know what to say. If you didn’t help keep me together, I surely would have fell apart! Thank you so much. Another true BFF!!

Tashina, I’m truly grateful that you were able to be here with us! Thank you again!! Melissa, Eric, Luretta, & Emi, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! I truly mean that!!

♥♥And as I come to a close, anyone else I happen to have forgotten, you’re not forgotten, it’s just 5 am and I’m not able to remember anyone else. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!♥♥ We ate, we drank, and we sure were merry!!


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