My Heritage… Bogotá, Colombia, SA

From November 22, ’97- January 3, ’98 , I went on my first adventure with my grandmother to beautiful Bogotá, Colombia. It was a very expensive trip that cost my grandma $1100 a piece. We went from Seattle, WA to Houston, TX and then from Houston to Bogotá. Talk about jetlag.

I hit the books two years prior to learn enough Spanish to get me by. My grandmother had told me that if I didn’t learn, I couldn’t go. So, trust me, it wasn’t something I was going to give up. I’ve now been speaking Spanish for 13 years, and very proud of it. I am very fortunate that I got to see the other side of my ancestry. My Great Great Grandparents, Great Grandparents and Aunts are buried in their gardens (their cemeteries are not all called cemeteries, they are called Jardínes) and if we could afford to, we would allow our grandmother to be there too. One of the cool things about my visit was to see my great grandmother’s grave. It was very gorgeous and I was amazed with the turn out of people that go on a WEEKLY basis. It was absolutely crazy, you surely don’t see dedication like that here in the States.

We enjoyed getting pampered at local hairdressers, shopping at their haciendas, and walking up and down the streets taking it all in. A couple of our favorite locations to dine were Cocorico’s, Crepes y Waffles, and there were a few other places where the names escape me.

All of the pictures listed with this are places I actually went to, including, but not limited to Iglesia del Carmen, Plaza de Simón Bolivar, Iglesia de Monserrate, La Candelaria (Old Bogotá) etc. Forgive my memory, for it has been 11 years since I went. There were a lot of other things that we did, that I believe I will leave the details for another day.

Station to ride up to Monserrate

This is the car that we rode to get up the mountain

This is the church on the top of the hill. Most of the bricks that built this church were from those who state that they were cured from their illnesses from it’s site, so it’s believed to be truly sacred.

This is the entrance to the church.

This is the Altar.

This is the entrance to Hacienda Santa Barbara (Shopping Mall)

The Plaza within the Hacienda

La Candelaria (Historic Bogotá)

The President’s Mansion

La Naríz del Diablo in Melgar

Pre-Colombian 24k Gold displayed at the Museo del Oro in Bogotá.


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