Borrowing Christmas…

Our Economy. What more should I say? Work is slow, hours are scarce, there just isn’t any extra money coming our way.

No Christmas tree with beautiful decorations and a star shining brightly from the top. No stockings hung by the chimney with care, for we’re pretty sure that there is no St. Nick to be expected there. No nicely wrapped gifts for under the Christmas tree. No turkey in the oven. No pies or cookies baking. No Christmas cheer, not much of a Christmas spirit. No wreath on the door or brightly colored lights illuminating our front porch.

So, This year, I’m borrowing Christmas. All the sights and sounds that we will see and hear, will be the joy from others this Christmas year. I’m truly thankful that my son is still young enough to not understand, the true meaning of Christmas, which this year is going to be pretty bland. Borrowing Christmas is all that we have left, so what little Christmas we do get will definitely be bereft (bereft is a real word, I looked it up to make sure before I used it). After careful consideration about how important Christmas really is, I’ve come to the conclusion that if you don’t have it, there is nothing there to miss. I’ll take this opportunity to instill into my son, that Christmas is about FAMILY, not just toys and fun. As long as I have them with me on the morning of Christmas Day, I honestly feel that I would not have wanted it any other way.


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