Standing Tall…
By the way, uploading movies to Blogger takes for-ev-ah!

Please forgive the quality of the above movie. It is apparently home made and recorded on my digital camera, no less. I don’t have the luxury of a camcorder, so my camera will just have to do.

For the last week or so, we’ve been working with Jeff to get him on the road towards walking. First step, to fine tune his equilibrium, how do we do that? By using the most ancient of traditional techniques (blah blah blah), more importantly called: STANDING! The camera savvy mom that I am, I thought it to be cute to record him STANDING and here you have it folks, my son, my cute lil itty bitty baby, is no longer itty bitty, and he presents to you, in his debut performance: HIS FIRST STEP!! All by himself. No help! (I put my hand out for him to reach for me so that he could move the other foot forward, but the first step, he did.) I’m so proud of my lil guy. I think I just may share some ice cream with him, we’ll see if he likes that! :o)

The proof is in the pictures!

A perfect event to help a crappy day… Ahhh, I love my boy.


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2 responses to “Standing Tall…

  1. Yay!! Congrats!!!!I have tried to upload videos several times….fails every time. I don’t have the patience.

  2. ck

    From standing to driving…they’re in such a hurry!