Something New For You, Recipe: Sopes

The Hubby, Child, and I went to BIL Aaron’s and SIL Nichole’s house last night. We’ve tried to start having couple nights where we have dinner and a movie. We’ve done it a couple times, and I rather enjoy it. Last night, I presented sopes and even got them involved with making the little “bowls”. If my hands hadn’t been covered with masa, I totally would have taken pictures. I did take my camera. After dinner, we watched 2 movies (those reviews are posted below) which we’d only expected to watch 1. I didn’t mind staying later, the 2nd movie was hilarious. Anyway, I have had these before, made them plenty of times. They’re pretty good too. I like to make mine from tortilla mix (masa), but you can follow the recipe by clicking the picture below.


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