One Fine Day…

Yesterday was a fun day. Steven was a lifesaver and watched Jeff for me so I could go to school (A real long nasty post about why this had to happen will come very soon). This was no easy task for him because he doesn’t really like kids, but Jeff’s easy peasy, a piece of cake. He was rather amazed on how easy it was. Quite funny really. LOL Anywho. My husband went back to his old job, so he came home last night. We had a great night. We made dinner (pork chops, taters, green beans, and corn bread) and the guys drank their BRRR. Jeff was so excited to see his da-da that he wouldn’t let da-da put him down, not even for a second. Silly boy.

Going down the slide, all by himself!

What a Happy Smile!

Going for a walk in the neighborhood with Steven!

Then Da-Da came home.
What was funny but didn’t catch on camera
was Jeff digging in Da-Da’s lunch box.
For what? Whatever his lil hands can grab…

Even Miss B got in on the action.
This was her first time out of the house.

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  1. Cute pics of him on the slide!