A 564 Mile Surprise…

Well. My sister Sara decided to unexpectedly show up on my door step at 1 am. I was super excited to have a chance to visit with my niece and nephews. The funny thing is, the last time she was here, was a year ago to the date, exactly! Anyway. We took the kids to the park, and I did what I do best, I got camera happy…

My Newest Nephew, Sebastian

The daughter I never had, Raquel

My nephew, Mama’s Boy, Jesse

I wonder what we have up our sleeves for tomorrow…


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3 responses to “A 564 Mile Surprise…

  1. badmommymoments

    LOVE these photographs! (And you have such a beautiful family.)

  2. ♥Jacqueline♥

    Thanks! They are pretty cute kids… ;o)