Boudoir Photo Shoot…

For a while now, I’ve been really interested in doing some different photography. So, I decided to go a bit risque and take a stab at “Boudoir”. My friend Megan was quite obliged to come to my rescue! Man, I sure wish I had an ounce of her confidence (I would NEVER do a boudoir shoot)! We were having so much fun, that she even let me do a few “Trash-the-Dress” shots too! (Thanks to Jenn for the idea!!)



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5 responses to “Boudoir Photo Shoot…

  1. ♥Jacqueline♥

    Thanks! I was so worried that none of them would turn out. Thank goodness for PSE7 lol ;o)

  2. Well done! The second shot in particular has a lovely soft, romantic feel; beautiful.

    Boudoir Photography Tips

  3. wow. they look professional. love the colors in that second one.

  4. ♥Jacqueline♥

    Thanks guys!! It means so much to hear that! :o) More to come, I hope. lol