A Sunday Outing…

Sunday evening, my friend Heidi and I ventured out to her house to collect a book for our bud Steven. You see, we kept talking about this book and every time, it was always left at her house. So, once and for all we were going to get that book to him. I used my GPS on my phone and found our way to his house. {Hee Hee, he had no idea we were going to show up :P}


First stop was Heidi’s house. Ha, her neighbors have roosters 😉

Then we found our way to Steven’s house. Boy, does he sure have some gorgeous flowers in his yard.

All of mine are dead, so talk about JEALOUS! 😉

That’s it in a nutshell. Our little Sunday outing. Nothing spectacular, but a whole bunch of fun. We ended up kidnapping Steven and having a grand ole time in the hot tub. How did you spend your Sunday??


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