Mommy Fail: No Tricks or Treats…

Costume – Check. Candy Pail – Check Check. Candles in pumpkins lit – Triple check.

Normally, it would be tradition to take our son around to different neighborhoods to go trick or treating. Well, this year didn’t go as planned. After picking Jeff up from Grandma’s house this morning, he was ready for a nap. Okay. He went down for a nap and woke up in a horrible mood. He started wreching (it’s like dry heaving – since he had the fundoplication, he can’t puke) and coughing uncontrollably. I never felt so bad in my life! Poor little guy, I am sure thought that his night was going to be better than what it was… 😦 So, he didn’t get a chance to wear his costume, he didn’t get to go out to collect candy (that he won’t eat anyway), and didn’t get to show off his Costume with pictures of him and Grandma, so on… It was a bummer of a day, but hopefully when I get back from Washington, we’ll be able to make up for it… Hopefully 😦 😦 😦


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  1. you should totally do a “just because i can dress up for halloween” day and let him dress up and still get tons of candy 🙂 take TONS of pics! i hope he feels better!!!

    oh yeah. as i’m writing this post – the bon jovi song you have on your blog, is the chipmunks 🙂 haha! super cute!