Gone for the Weekend…

Okay. I’m not really on vacation, but I am off to Washington for the weekend. I think I may have over-extended myself just a tad, but I have nothing else to do. I have a 6WS scheduled for tomorrow, so it’ll be like I’m here even though I’m not. I don’t have a whole lot to blog about while I’m gone, so there won’t be others scheduled. I have quite a busy weekend in store, which will provide plenty of reading material when I get back 😉

So. Here’s a list (bullet style) of what I have planned to do this weekend. What actually transpires while I’m gone is entirely a different story… Which will come later 🙂

  • 6:30pm Friday – My flight arrives in Sea-Tac, where I will meet up with my BFF Kristina. We plan to go out to dinner and soak in some Seattle before heading out on our 2 hour drive home. And yes, this WILL include some pictures from Alki Beach. LOVE LOVE LOVE that place! Then we’ll have an old fashioned girl’s night only, with just the two of us. Man! It feels like I’m in 5th grade again, Love it!
  • 10am Saturday – I’m meeting up with a long time friend {whom I haven’t seen since 10th grade!!} for some family photos at some great spots we picked out a couple months ago. I’m super stoked to get some hometown history in on some of my photography.
  • 2pm Saturday – Have plans on visiting my grandpa. I miss him terribly. 😦
  • 3pm Saturday – A family friend is finally tying the knot and requested for me to do her wedding photos {she even paid for my flight there!} and I’m excited to see all the other family friends who are going to be there to witness it. It kinda feels like a family reunion! 🙂
  • 10am Sunday – Family photoshoot session booked with the bride’s sister. I’m really excited about these, although she has a BIG family {in comparison to the families I’ve done in the past}.
  • 5pm Sunday – Flight home. 😦

That’s my weekend in a nutshell. We’ll see, as I’ve said, whether everything goes as planned. On a brighter note, I’ll be child and husband free for the entire weekend and frankly, I’m kinda looking forward to it.

Oh yeah. I WILL be going to the beach at some point this weekend. Or BUST!

What are you doing this weekend?


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