Family: Sam Benn Park, Aberdeen Mansion, & Hoquiam Castle {Aberdeen & Hoquiam, Washington}

**There will be a separate post just for the entire experience {and per my previous post, I’ve proved once again just how psychic I really am, stay tuned} that I had on my trip to Seattle.

Last Saturday morning, I met up with my good friend Michelle for some family photos. Michelle and I used to hang out ALL the time when we were kids, but when we got to High School things changed. Not that we weren’t friends anymore, but she was expecting her first child and I didn’t even know it! I hadn’t seen her since 10th grade. We had a great time and it was great catching up after all these years. She even brought to my attention that there were at least four guys from our graduating class that had died within the last 2 years. Talk about crazy, considering that 2 of them were guys that were either an elementary school boyfriend or a guy I had a crush on throughout HS. Some of the instances were dumb, the others were just plain sad 😦 Anywho…
Enough about the sad stuff. While I was in my hometown, I really wanted to shoot pictures at some of my favorite places to go while I’m there. The first location was Sam Benn Park, filled with gorgeous trees and wonderful fall colors. The second location was the Aberdeen Mansion. This beautiful manor is currently a bed & breakfast, and I’m absolutely in love with it {as I’ve previously notated, I’m in love with old historic buildings}, if I had $800,000, I would TOTALLY buy it. And last on the list, but not least was the Hoquiam Castle. Another of one my favorite places that is a B&B. They’re currently selling this breathtaking edifice for $1m, which I would love to have…

Enough rambling, here are some of what I got 😀


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