Just as I Predicted…

So, as I had previously announced on Friday was that I was on my way to do a job in the State of Washington. Well, I also stated that although I make plans, things never go accordingly.

Boy was I right!

First off, my BFF Kristina got sick on her way to pick me up from the airport, so she was unable to drive {and escorted to the hospital with family}. By a stroke of luck, I was able to contact my other friend, Jessica {she was in my wedding} and thankfully she was able to come get my stranded ass from the airport.

The reason for all this chaos you ask? Six weeks ago, I contacted my little sister about making herself available for that weekend because I was going to be flying in. Sure, no problem. Until of course I attempted to contact her as I was sitting in the airport about her coming to get me. Ha! She was on her way to Arizona, because it slipped her mind that I was coming to town. {Mighty convenient answer} Freaking out about how I was going to make my shoots, my BFF Kristina still was not feeling well and allowed me to borrow her car. {Hallelujah!}

The one plan that I was able to complete was that I did visit my grandpa at his final resting place. It was peaceful to see that everything is still in tact {as it should be}.

Oh wait, it gets better folks. Sit down. I’m not even close to done yet…

So, because my sister was out of town, she wasn’t here to give me a ride back to the airport. Oh great! I spent the entire night researching the bus schedules. Everything from the local transit, greyhound, and the Puget Sound. I get on the bus at 11 am, with plans to be at Sea-Tac by no later than 4. Just in the nick of time. To my surprise, my friend Michelle insisted on taking me to the airport, and who was I to say no?! I sure didn’t really have the $$ to spare to pay for bus tickets to begin with. We enjoyed a great lunch in Olympia, got stuck in a traffic jam between Oly and Tacoma, and made it to the airport at 4:40pm. I got to my gate just as they were boarding the final passengers. Let’s just say that I was very tempted to kiss the ground when I got home.

Although everything was chaos {again}, the best part of my weekend away was when my little boy ran right into my arms, and gave me the biggest kiss he could give me. All with a smile on his face. Times like those melt my heart, and I was very glad to be home.


How was your weekend?


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