Back in the Day…

the only source of entertainment was to go to a theater. In my hometown there were at least 4 of them back during their hey day. The D & R Theater was no exception. I always remembered walking by this old theater {it was run down, and chicken wire protected the ticket booth after the windows were broken out of it} hoping and praying that someone with money would fix the place up. Unless of course I ran across a couple million lying round, then I could do it myself. Well, my dream has finally come true! As I was driving past on Friday evening, I had to do a double take! Then I had no choice but to go around the block to check it out. They did a fantastic job! In the 1940’s the building was renovated a 3rd time, being the focus of art deco {which became popular during the 1920’s}. They renovated it to look similar to the last renovation that was done. Up until this time last year, the theater was an eye sore that had been shut down for more than 20 years. Now, artists such as Winona Judd, Sara Evans, and the likes have performed in the beautiful theater.

Next year, when we go for our annual trip to the coast, I’d love to see some performance in there. It would be magical!

Here are some photos prior to the new renovation:

Interior circa 1924

Exterior circa 1930

Interior circa 1947

Theater Marquee 1947

Photos are from Jones Photography Collection {This family has been in the photog biz since the 1880’s, it’s pretty exciting to see their chronological series of photos from 1880’s to 1980’s. Feel free to mosey around their site and check out more of my hometown’s history 😉 and my BFF Kristina had her senior pics done there in 1999. Which I believe I twitpic’d that pic of the two of us there. Pretty cool, we’re a part of history 😀 }

And here are my photos of the new update:


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