Expanding My Photogr♥phy Wings…

Although last weekend was a bit chaotic {lack of planning on my sister’s part}, it was fairly successful. I had never really thought about being a “traveling” photographer before, but after talking to my BFF, she thought it wouldn’t be such a bad idea for me to start offering a travel package on my website. It’s not that I’m solely relying on having someone book me from out of state, but it would be nice to have the option there if anyone decided to. The photography biz has soared since I started last June, with some great photographers and some not-so-great photographers. What once only posted about 5-6 ads a day, has now turned into about 10-20 ads per day. A lot more people are venturing out into the photography biz, creating portfolios in exchange for free shoots. I understand it. I did  it too. I had to start somewhere. So do they. But with the options being endless, weather dying down, and the holidays around the corner… It’s time to venture out. Take advantage of going somewhere else.

I’m really excited to see how this works. I’ve only done it once and I did it for a friend. Not for a complete stranger. I’m still working out the fine details {definitely NON-refundable and no checks accepted} kind of thing.

What would you do? Comments? Suggestions? Anyone in the blog-o-sphere?


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