No Holiday Spirit?

Yes. Today, until the end of the holidays, I shall be referred to as Mrs. Scrooge. I’m saying “Bah Humbug” to the holidays this year. Not because I don’t like the holidays. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE them. However… No job is stable. We have more on our plate to worry about than whether or not we give/receive presents. I just don’t see how spending our money frivolously benefits us in the long run. Buying a video game when we could be paying our water/sewer/trash doesn’t seem logical to me. Ultimately, we have decided that this is another year of “Borrowing Christmas” part trois. Our son will still have a Christmas, per se thanks in part to his Gah (grandma). We plan on going to the Festival of Trees (our annual outing, which we LOVE) this Sunday to check out all the beautifully decorated Christmas trees and may even go to the Winter Garden a’Glow at the Idaho Botanical Gardens later in December. So, we plan to enjoy the holidays, but without all the hooplah. I don’t even think that I plan to decorate for the holidays. I think I’ll just soak up and enjoy what other’s have done around me, and I don’t have a mess to clean up in January 😉

It may sound frugal, but what would you do if you were to choose between feeding your family or buying presents for under the tree? Logically, doesn’t seem practical.

Maybe we’ll have better luck next year, oh wait! We will, we may be deciding to go elsewhere than BC. Hubby thought it would be cool to go on a Disney cruise… So, we’ll see where this goes… If that doesn’t pan out, BC it is!


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