Keeping A Real Christmas

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Immediately after Thanksgiving, people start gearing up for Christmas. During the Black Friday sales people swarm in the malls, stores and shops to find that perfect gift for their friend or family member. And even after that day, people are still spending every penny they have (or don’t have for that matter) to have a happy holidays and get or give all the wonderful gifts they had on their list.

And we all know Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without the decorations. In our household we do a small assortment of things, mainly because we want to avoid a massive amount of cleanup as it’s just the two of us, but also because we don’t celebrate Christmas like some do. For our house, the Christmas tree is put up in the corner of the living room and decorated with white lights, along with garland and ornaments handed down from The Hubby’s side of the family, and likewise, garland and ornaments handed down from my side of the family. We have ornaments that mention our wedding on May 5th, 2007, we have one for our dog Sam, we have a couple because they remind us of our heritage and the country life we still want to have (hopefully soon!) someday, along with a few others. It’s a cute tree, and we enjoy decorating it together. This year I hadn’t really wanted to do anything for Christmas. It’s been a long year, with tons of bumps in the road and potholes for that matter, and the only appetizing thing about Christmas would be the fact that I get to sleep in until, like noon, and not feel guilty. Delicious! However, even though The Hubby is sort of in the same spot as me, he requested us at least put up a tree after Thanksgiving- and maybe by the time Christmas rolls around we may feel a little different. Tree = simple. Lots of little Christmasy decorations all around the house in addition to the tree = not so much. So we’ve decided on the tree.

But there’s one thing some may have that our family will never have: A Religious Christmas. It drives me nuts seeing all of the nativity scenes. Now, to answer your question as to what my religious beliefs are – I am actually a Christian sitting here writing these things. But don’t worry, I’m still here, and God hasn’t shocked me with a lightening bolt or something like that so that I would immediately go to Hell or something like that. The deal is this: I celebrate Christmas as a time to get together, swap a few gifts, but all in all just celebrate the loving relationships Ihave with all of our family, friends, and each other. This is how we’ve done it since year one of marriage, and this is how we will continue to celebrate Christmas until we die. The truth is there are a couple different reasons as to why I won’t celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday.

1) To Me, It’s A Fake Idea And It Makes No Sense
When I tell people that I won’t be putting up religious things at Christmas, their immediate reaction is “why?!” Simple. To me, it seems a little fake and it makes no sense. There are 365 days out of the year, and the only one of them that the vast majority of people all around the globe actually want to remember Jesus is on Christmas day. That, readers, makes no sense to me. It makes no sense to me, for people to treat you like crap, like the filth underneath their shoes, play mind games with you and manipulate you, and then send you a gift or a card at the end of the year. This changes nothing! I’m not going to put a smile on my face on December 25th and pretend like things are fine so someone can feel good about their one good deed that they have done all year, when the rest of those 364 some odd days have been spent treating me like dirt period.

2) So You’re Reserving One Day Of Remembrance?
Again I say, there are 365 days out of the year, and the only one of them that the vast majority of people all around the globe actually want to remember Jesus just on Christmas day. I guess all a ‘good Christian’ needs to do is just get a gift, give it, put up a nativity scene and that will somehow get them into Heaven. What type of religion is that? To me, I take my beliefs a little more seriously. I had someone tell me once “I know we may not know the specific day He was born, but it does give us a day to celebrate His birth.” Um, what are Sundays for? What about Monday through Saturday? Shouldn’t everyday be a day of remembrance rather than just Christmas?

In short here it is: I don’t like acting like I’m someone else and setting aside the way I feel, believe or think for one day to turn back into the same person I was all year around. I know I’m not perfect, nor do I claim to be – but I am real. Anyone that knows me, and I mean really knows me can attest to this fact. I can look at something objectively and say “hey, that makes no effing sense” rather than looking at something with pent up emotional baggage and drama.

I live by these mottos:
“Call a spade a spade” – essentially this is another way of saying “call it like it is”. No sugar coating, no glamour, no hidden agends, nothing. BE REAL!

“Say what you mean and mean what you say” – pretty much the same thing as “call a spade a spade”. There is no sense opening your mouth if what you have to say has nothing to do with what you are feeling in your heart. White lies? Still a lie. Sugar coated truth? Not really the truth. BE REAL!

“Three strikes your out” – I live my life by this motto. You can pretty much bet that if you have attempted to do something three times in a row, it’s probably not meant to be. If you have a relationship where someone has treated you like dirt three times in a row (after saying their sorry with no change in sight) you can bet that person really doesn’t give a crap about you. Friends taking a dump on you? Give ’em three strikes. Weed out the drama, you’ll breathe easier, sleep easier, your blood pressure will go down, and if you’re anything like me, the weight will also come off.

“Always expect what you know you’ll get” – This is applicable with your flesh and blood family members who you are unable to use the 3-strikes method on, and you still may have to see on occassion. You see them for who they are, you see the potential they have in the world, yet you constantly see them screwing up every opportunity for a progression in life and chance at personal growth. Expect the behavior you know you will get from them. Don’t sit there and wait for them to grow, or expect that they will be something more than who they are. Chances are they are older and should already know better, but they are so set in their ways they will never change. Expect the behavior you are getting now. If you do this, you will never be let down. Again I say, just like with using the 3-strikes rule, you’ll breathe easier, sleep easier, your blood pressure will go down, etc.

After careful consideration, living by my mottos, viewing Christmas as a religious holiday just doesn’t fit my own agenda. So, this year I may not be doing what the vast majority of people will be doing around the globe. But one thing’s for sure, I’ll be keeping it a real Christmas.

♥ Jessie Lynn

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