My Favorite Feature…

Today’s photo shoot was re-scheduled to Wednesday so I decided to stop at AM Park and mess around with my camera a bit. I’m sure it’s feeling neglected lately {minimal shoots due to the holidays} and the weather hasn’t helped with any ambition to leave the house. Not that I ever compliment myself or think that any part of me is worth a hoot, but I thought I would do a post on my favorite feature.

I have to thank my Colombian {I’m 25%} side of the family for my dirty blonde hair, my light skin, and my hazel colored eyes. Believe it or not, but they have that there too! Anywho, my favorite feature are my eyes/eyelashes. {Okay, so they’re technically 2 things, but I’m including them as 1. Neener Neener} My eyelashes have always been long and if I could ever learn how to use a eyelash curler properly, they’d probably look better. I also like how my eyes are Hazel. They’re not quite brown, but they’re not quite green. Works for me!


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