{2010} : A Year in Review…


It’s that time again folks! The time were I give you a little recap of what last year gave us, and what our hopes are for the year ahead. I also decided to make it bullet style 🙂 Of course, it just wouldn’t be a proper closing without pictures too! 😀


  • Jeff surprised everyone with saying MAMA!! I couldn’t be more proud of my budding achiever! 🙂
  • Had a couple photo shoots to keep me busy, but I had my first opportunity to do a Maternity shoot for my friend Sheyann. It was definitely cool!


  • This month was a little hard. I had a good friend on the verge of throwing in the towel on her marriage. That made me really sad, and am happy to announce that they worked through their issues… **This only lasted a couple months, the couple sadly ended in divorce :(**
  • I had the chance to shoot some Senior pics for a friend of mine who was in desperate need of having them done 😉


  • This month sucked by epic proportions. A friend who I was beginning to think of as a good friend, ended our friendship. I was very sad. 😦 Thankfully, we were able make amends and are friends again! 🙂
  • My hubby turned 27! My handsome hubs is slowly catching up with the rest of us… 😉

  • We went on our annual family trip to the Washington coast! As always, it’s a great time! Me and my hubby were able to leave our little monster with my mom for the afternoon and we ventured out to the Lake Quinault Rainforest. With 10 more miles that we have yet to trek, we managed to get a good few miles knocked out of the park.


  • My little sister’s birthday is on the first part of April, so me and my BFF Kristina took her with us down Highway 101 on a girl’s only adventure to Newport, Oregon. We had an Awesome time and will DEFINITELY be doing it again {hopefully soon!}
  • My little Jefferdoodles learned to give kisses {properly} to everyone. I LOVE IT!
  • What a busy month!! Family photo shoots were in full swing, along with Senior photos for those who waited til the last minute 😉
  • My husband went on a 2-day trip to Delaware, and managed to get a handful of decent photos {out of 800+}


  • Oh my! This is where the shoots started to pick up! I had a shoot scheduled for every weekend in May, and I must say {ha ha, I’m a poet and didn’t know it} I am very grateful for all the work I received over the Summer. Still not able to find a job {worthwhile}, the extra cashflow has been a godsend!
  • We went on a family outing to Swan Falls Dam! It was so cool to take Jeff with us and get some pics. He enjoyed hanging out and throwing rocks in the water {surprise surprise}.
  • We made the decision to make use of our last embryo that we have currently stored at ICRM. However, Operation Baby has been slightly altered. After talking to the hubs about our current financial situation, we have decided that we are going to wait til I’m done with school. Not that we won’t be trying in the time being, but it’s not on the list of top priorities. It would be nice not to have to worry about having another mouth to feed, especially since my focus should be on finishing school. Although I’m sad, I would much rather be able to have a great job to afford such an endeavor.
  • May was the beginning of my new tradition {one that I have plans of continuing throughout the years}, Mommy and Me Adventures. These adventures consisted of family friendly activities that just Jeff and I participated in. Our first adventure was a visit out to the Birds of Prey exhibit in Kuna, Idaho. It was awesome to see Jeff enjoy the huge birds; such as falcons and eagles! Our second outing was to the zoo, which is always fun! Jeff went on the carousel ride and got to see the many different animals!


  • Another month filled with weddings and shoots. Nothing new to share there.
  • 2 more Mommy & Me Adventures. 1.3 included going to historic Idaho City. This was a first for both Jeff and I and it was definitely great for a photo opp! I enjoyed updating his pics there and he liked walking around on all the planked sidewalks! 1.4 was a special little walk that we took to Indian Creek park in K-Town. Nothing too special or fancy about going to this park, but we had a great time walking around!


  • The 4th of July was rocking! As custom, we took my hubs BFF, my SIL, BIL, and of course Jeffers with us to Ann Morrison Park for the awesome fireworks display that they put on every year. This year was a bit disappointing. They lost sync with the music during the show, so it was not so exciting in the end. Oh well, I managed to get some great shots!
  • Naturally, shoots galore through this month as well.
  • Six years ago me and my hubby got together. We’ve been attached at the hip ever since. There are absolutely NO words to describe how much I love that man!
  • We also went floating down the river with my friends Heidi and Steven. Jeff had an awesome time and we WILL be doing that again next year! 🙂
  • Jeff and I went with Heidi and Steven to Goddessfest that is held every year at Julia Davis Park… Ha! I even had my tarot cards read! *careful, I may cast a spell on you ;)* Ha Ha!
  • To wrap up the wonderfully hot month of July, we attended Boise’s first annual music festival. It was awesomeness! And did I mention that it was free? With that being said, they should have required tickets because what should have been 20,000 people turned into 80,000+ people. Way too many people and too small of a crowded space. Bret Michaels touched my hand!!! And I even got 2 autographed cd’s from Alex Band {the lead singer from the old group, The Calling}. It was really cool talking to him, as if he were any other person. 🙂 Steven and I had an awesome time, all the while my husband stood in line for hours to get 4 beers. Ha ha. Sucks for him.
  • We wrapped up July with a camping trip with Jeff and Steven! We had such a great time at Mann Creek Campground. Fires, swimming, sight seeing… It was great!!


  • Jeff and I had another Mommy & Me Adventure to another historical mining town, Silver City, Idaho! It was amazing to see everything well preserved! We had such a fun time, I’m dying to go back to take better pics {cell phone pics were the best that I could do…} (We went on this adventure because the one I tried with Heidi was a major bust, then she went without me! So, yeah. I had to go!)
  • Ah, the HOT month of August. Full of “Oh so in love” moments. I tackled a few weddings and some engagement shoots… I even got my friend Heidi to help! I have to say, if you shoot a wedding at Wood River Cellars, I highly recommend that you take 2 additional photographers. That place is so big, the more perspectives, the better!
  • As a M & M Adventure, we attended SLRMC’s annual graduate picnic. It was fun seeing all the nurses that used to take care of him, and they love seeing how big he’s getting!
  • I got the big news that a friend of mine is expecting! How exciting!! Even more exciting is that she just found out that she’s having a girl!! 🙂 Yay to her and her family for their blessed miracle!
  • Flying by the seat of our pants, Steven and I went to the first tattoo parlor that we could GPS and got our zodiac signs tattooed on our feet. I absolutely love it! I even had a previous tat fixed up {for my BFF K} 🙂


  • We celebrated our 2nd Wedding Anniversary!! We went out to a movie and  dinner and we both got each other some nice gifts. I think this is one of the nicest I have received to date!
  • Ugh. My last year in my 20’s. I’m not ready to get older, just yet. Let’s just say that I’m NOT looking forward to THAT next year…
  • Winding down the wedding season, I shot a few more weddings and made some great friends along the way! 🙂
  • We also got our family pics done this year. It’s like pulling teeth to get my hubs to participate, so I was lucky to get what I got…
  • My little boy turned the big 3!! Instead of a traditional birthday party like we had originally planned, we decided to take Jeff out to his family’s ranch. He enjoyed himself, but I don’t think he cared for the dogs all that much…
  • Oh how the time flies!! My little boy not only turned 3, but he also got to start pre-school!! Not to mention that he got to experience his first bus ride!! I’m so proud of how well he’s come along. We still have a lot of work to do, but we’re enjoying every minute of it!! 😀


  • Hee Hee. I snuck on the BIG BLUE to get some pics from the 50 yard line. I’m not sure if I was supposed to be there, but I had a bet going on with my Uncle that I couldn’t do it. Well, I did it!! Neener Neener Neener!
  • Ah yes, October! The month where pumpkins and corn maizes are a must!! Jeff, the hubs, and I met up with SIL Nichole and BIL Aaron at Linder Farms to get some updated milestone pics of little Parker 🙂
  • There was {unfortunately} no trick-or-treating for Jeff this year, he got a tummy ache that left him miserable all day. 😦
  • As one final Mommy & Me Adventure, Jeff and I went to Ann Morrison Park to capture what was left of Autumn…


  • This month was definitely unique. I don’t normally venture outside of the state of Idaho to do photography, but a family friend was “dying” to have me photograph her wedding. So, I figured why not? I took advantage of the weekend and made the most of it. Although it did not go as planned, everything worked out in the end…
  • As it has become a family tradition, we made sure to spend the morning viewing all the beautiful Christmas trees at the SARMC’s Festival of Trees…


  • For the first time since my hubs and I have been together, I finally got the opportunity to meet his 2 nephews who live in Iowa. It was great to meet them, and it was very refreshing to see how well behaved they are!
  • My cousin Melissa and her hubby Eric invited me and Ross to Caldwell’s Nite-Lite Parade. It was pretty cool to see all the brightly lit displays! However, it got really cold, really fast! We ended up leaving early because Jeff was starting to get the sniffles. 😦
  • The photography business has proved to be a reasonable success this year! I shot more than a dozen weddings, many families, and a bit of engagements. In total, I had more than 35 shoots! Some were great and some were not so great, but I’m still learning and strive to give what I would want from a photographer…
  • And the best ending to this year, that I think anyone in their right mind should have took part in was the Winter Solstice – Lunar Eclipse!! It was a once in a lifetime opportunity, not expected to happen again til the year 2094!! Here’s a pic of the moon in the Earth’s umbra…
  • And Christmas this year? We didn’t have one. That’s right. No Christmas tree, no presents, nada. The only Christmas related item that I pulled out was our wreath because I didn’t want my door the only one stark nekkid on the street during the holidays. Don’t worry. Jeff received presents from family members and we bought him a few things that he happened to get into early anyway. With that being said, Christmas next year will be on vacation. Even better, my hubs will get 2 weeks paid vacation starting at the first of the year, so for once he’ll get to go on vacation from beginning to end. I can’t wait!

What are your plans for 2011?

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