Guest Post: My Top Two Tuesday

Today’s Topic: Two Favorite Items From 2010
1. Halo Reach – I know this may seem a little odd, but it really was one of my favorite items from 2010. If I had a bad or stressful day filled with worry, the game really did provide an outlet to relieve some steam without having to leave the comfort of my own home. And on top of that it helped me meet a lot of really awesome people who are a blast to play with! If you’d like to meet another cool gamer, check out Jacqueline.

2. My Nikon Digital SLR – This year this little booger has really come in handy! I was able to get my photography business up and running and was quite successful this year. I was able to meet a lot of interesting people, some super cute kids, and was even able to experience some new things. It was definitely a great adventure! Now I’m ready for 2011, and with a few revisions to the biz I’ll be getting back out there and snapping away 🙂

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  1. Those were my top 2 things from last year too! 🙂