In My Case: Doorknobs & Broomsticks…

As most 3 year old’s know how to do a lot of things, one of them is the discovery of opening doors. My son has had the ability of doing this for a long time now; however, it never posed an issue before.  Until now that is. I know that there are handy gadgets to put on doorknobs to prevent little people out/in wanted/unwanted spaces. Mommy Fail. I still haven’t managed to get some. Excuse? I really don’t have any – or maybe I do. Either way. I don’t have them.

Ok, I’ll continue:

First. We have the issue of him thinking that it’s okay to leave his room after he’s been read to and tucked in for the night. For the past few nights, it’s been nothing but putting him to bed THREE times in a row. That is going to stop – mark my words.

Second. He seems to think that 4-5 am is an awesome time to come in our room. Which is an absolute NO thanks. He’s not sick. No reason for him not to be in our bed. Let alone our bedroom.

So. As a solution to this mess that I allowed to progress, I WILL have one or two of those handy gadgets around the house. I can promise you that…



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