Unrealistic Expectations…

Big Boobs. Tone stomach. Amazing legs. Gorgeous hair. Fabulous teeth. Awesome eyes.

These are apparently all the required attributes to be the perfect woman. The very thing that millions of women strive for daily, where only few actually succeed. I’m not necessarily saying that being sexy, athletic, skinny or being beautiful is a crime. Nor am I saying that we shouldn’t be able to freely express our sexuality. Yet. How high are they really going to set this supposed standard? I can understand why there are women who feel intimidated. Who wants to feel this |__| next to some super gorgeous woman? I know I wouldn’t feel all too comfortable.  I guess my point/question with this rant is this: What happened to the the once believed, “Lady in the parlor, whore in the bedroom”? What happened to women having self respect, dignity, and self worth to not show off their wahoos and hoohas to every Tom, Dick, or Harry?

Hmmm. I guess it wouldn’t be so bad if us normal women were not compared to them every moment a man gets a chance to throw “weight” in your face. Or how you could use to lose a few pounds, or even possibly – request you for a boob job.

It’s unrealistic. I’m just sayin’. That is all.

Rant Over. Sorry.


*I’m not saying that my husband does this all the time, or in this instance*

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