3 Special Treats!

My pal Jessie {over here} was throwing a give-away on her blog for the first two weeks of January. Well, Look at what I won!! This is the first time I’ve won something and have actually received it!! These really cute earrings are from Judy’s Keepers {she can be found here}. I haven’t had a chance to wear them yet, but aren’t they adorable? 😉

I decided that I deserved a “girly” treat. I don’t normally wear jewelry and I can’t honestly tell you what compelled me – but I just had to! I went to Bidz.com and won these two lovely items!

First up is this sterling silver w/diamond accent key pendant. Now, please don’t go thinking that I blew tons of money on this stuff, because I didn’t. It’s kinda like Ebay for jewelry. I bought them because I liked them.

And the inspiration behind my new photography re-do {other than the fabulous Jessie}, hot pink. I’m not normally a hot pink kinda gal, but I figured I’d put a spin on things. These cute hot pink gems are lab created, but oh-so-cute!


Grand Total: $12.00 with shipping. And of course, my gift! 😉


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