30 Days of Truth: Day 24

Hmmmm. There are a lot of songs that hold a lot of meaning for me. Some songs relate to a current event that I’m going through, some relate to people.

To make this a little more simplistic, I’ve decided to choose my husband and create a playlist for him 😀

{To hear the selected songs, please pause the music player below :)}

1. – Bob Marley {Three Little Birds} – The past couple years have been tough on us, especially as a couple. With only one income and me going to school full-time… Well, let’s just say that days could be better. So, we kind of made this our theme song. A way to see that there is a day where we won’t worry about a thing…

2. – Jack Johnson {Better Together} – No matter the fights we may have, we still enjoy spending time together. I love just hanging out with my other half. We spend at least 85% of our time together when he’s not working/I’m not in school… And that suits me just fine 😀

3. – Score to “The Last of the Mohicans” {Cora} – This music always brings a tear to my eye. I wanted something different, yet beautiful for my wedding day, so this was the piece that I chose. I absolutely love it! And every time I hear it, I remember walking down the aisle… With all of my friends and family there to celebrate with us. The best day of my life. 🙂

4. – Ricardo Montaner {Solo con un Beso} – I’m aware that this song is in Spanish and that most of you may or may not understand it, I apologize for that. I listened to this song {on his tape, yes… I said tape. As in, cassette tape} all the time after I met my husband {you know, when he was my boyfriend – that’s so weird to say now}. I really don’t wish to translate the song, but you’re welcome to 🙂


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