{McCall Winter Carnival 2011} Mommy & Me Adventure 2.2

On Saturday afternoon, Jeff and I along with my hubby’s cousin Sarah ventured out of Boise up to McCall, Idaho. This was their weekend of the annual Winter Carnival and since I had never gone before, I figured that it would make a great outing. 🙂 My main goal and focus of this little trip was to get some great pics of the {so I’ve heard} amazing snow sculptures. Hmph. At most we saw were 5 {there could have been more, but was soooooo not worth the hassle to bother looking} and of those, they were damaged or close to disrepair. The only decent one we found was at the Paul’s Market {the local grocery store and the picture is below} which was of a choo-choo train 🙂

We also decided to go out to lunch, which honestly, I wish we had eaten at the vendors stands. Chocolate dipped bananas, funnel cakes, and onion blossoms would have been more appetizing than the horrible service and mediocre food that was prepared. They forgot our sodas, they forgot our silverware, and worse yet… We got all of that AFTER we got our food. Yeah.

After our dreadfully expensive and ick of a lunch, we went over to the frozen Payette Lake to go sledding! We had such a blast! Boy did my lil guy decide that he’s really a big kid now. He had nooooo problem going down on the sled disc by himself! It was pretty entertaining! 😀 Let’s just say that Jeff got pretty upset when we decided to move on the next activity. lol.

To make the most of our visit, we took Jeff to their mini carnival. First, Jeff and Sarah went on the carousel. They both had a great time! 🙂 Then Jeff and I went on the spinning Apples ride my bad, I forgot the name. {No pics. Camera operator’s fault ;)} Jeff really enjoyed that ride a lot! However, I did not. I don’t particularly like going around in circles… but due to his height, he was just barely under the height of being able to ride by himself… So mother must do what a mother must do.

At around 7pm, we decided that we were pretty tuckered out and started heading for home. Ha! Aside from the jerks who drove entirely too slow, maybe they were leading by example. My evening ended by our county’s finest putting on a personal light show. Right outside the back of my very own car! Yep! Thankfully enough, he let me off with a warning. Who’da thunk that my speed-o-meter was off?? It said I was going 60. He said I was going 65. Oh well. I’m sure as hell not gonna argue when I didn’t get a ticket.

In conclusion, we arrived home around 10pm and I was very happy to be home. Maybe next year the hubs can participate {which would be super awesome!, more hands would have been great!} and just maybe – there will be a better presentation.

Here’s some photos from today 🙂 Enjoy!


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