Guest Post: Idiocy and Competition

Screw you.
No, no. Not screw you, reader. I mean screw you, idiot.
Seriously our society has a major problem: idiocy. And it’s spreading worse than any outbreak of disease, AIDS, and any other illness you can think of…combined. The very fact that we can make up websites that show the extent of the stupidity in mankind, to me, is baffling. That’s just how stupid our society is, though. Somehow, somewhere, there are way too many mothers dropping way too many babies on their heads. I’m telling you, we need to find this place and rescue the kids. See that new food pyramid chart up above? Yeah, that’s from the movie Idiocracy. Sadly enough, that’s exactly where our society is headed. Why? Because we’re just.that.stupid. Personally, I blame it on the baby boomers. Damn oldies don’t know what’s good for them. Now, now, you must see that I do have a respect for the older generation – that is a respect for those who respect me also. However, the unfortunate thing is, and most twenty-somethings all across the globe will agree with me on this one, is that the majority of the people who are considered to be “old” are ageist. They judge us, our abilities, and the way we live our lives solely by how old we are.

But I don’t blame them, our generation isn’t doing much to really prove them wrong. I mean, we have idiots our here who are dying because they are too stupid to stop texting and watch where they are walking. Since when did places have to ban the use of iPods and cell phones when crossing the street? Because people are just that stupid you see, stupid enough to not realize that a bus could be barreling at them?! I have no sympathy for these people. And how ridiculous is it that the story they leave behind for their families to tell people goes something like this:

“I’m so sorry for your loss.”

“Thank you. Let his death be a lesson for all young people. That you should never use an iPod or cell phone while walking.”

Wha wha wha what? Brakes screech to a halt. Back up there for a second. The legacy you want your child to leave behind is that they lacked the common sense to effing look up from a piece of technology and look to see that they were crossing the street? What THE eff?! I feel it is 1) a direct reflection on the parent that they didn’t instill enough brain cells in their child to begin with and 2) it’s a direct reflection on the child’s and why am I still saying child when the example I used was of a nineteen year old-young adult? inability to use what God-given brain cells they had to begin with.

Let’s just keep on feeding Brawndo to the plants….at least we might as well considering our society is just that effing retarded.

And competition, did I mention competition is the most ignorant form of arrogance there is? Our society is filled with tons of people who do nothing more than compete with one another over the dumbest of issues. In personal opinion, if your ego is so inflated that you constantly want to one-up everyone around you, you are doing nothing but setting yourself up for the ultimate failure in the end. Doesn’t anyone remember “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”? Being civil towards one another and having the basic respect and dignity for someone, just because they are a fellow human being, is the right thing to do. Constantly shoving past achievements in someone’s face doesn’t get you anywhere. And dont’ get me wrong, a little competition is fine. But when someone gets the nerve to compete for the mere sake of making someone feel like crap, you have to admit that it’s just effing pathetic. Just because someone may be too nice to say something, doesn’t mean they aren’t thinking it – and the fact of the matter is this: when we meet people who are filled with this constant desire to compete, we not only believe that they are small personality-wise but they are also ever so shallow.

Like I said.  Screw You


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