Jeffrey’s Day Out!

Last Sunday afternoon, my friend Heidi invited my little monster to a birthday party way out in Greenleaf, Idaho. From what she reported to me, he had an awesome time!


First, he was infatuated with the motorcycle. He even took it for a spin, all by himself!

Then, he hitched a ride with a cute little girl in her snazzy barbie jeep. Yeah, he was stylin’. Even in pink 😉

He also took a few swings at the pinata. Four swings in fact. 😀

And the trampoline? Let’s not get started on that one. That was a big hit! We’re thinking about getting one for him now…

And then it was time for a breather. Planet 51 is now Jeff’s new favorite movie. lol.

Then it was time to go down the slide! Which he is a master now, of course! 🙂

And the sweetest part of the whole day, he got to end it with a ride on Duchess. 🙂


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