Bathroom ReModel: Before Pics

Yeah. Some dumb cheap builder thought it would be an awesome idea to install carpet in a bathroom. We knew the moment we moved into this house that we’d need to replace the floor, it was just a matter of time. Well, 2 years into this house and our suspicions were not only correct, but proved to be more of an issue than we expected. To avoid anymore molding to happen, we had no choice but to rip up the carpet. So, in the next few weeks, our goal is to lay our laminate flooring. And it’s going to look great! A beautiful cinnamon colored hard wood looking floor? Sounds good to me! And we already have the flooring to get started, just need to buy the underlayment and plastic for a dry barrier and voila!

Stay tuned for upcoming After Pics. 🙂



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4 responses to “Bathroom ReModel: Before Pics

  1. memorylanephoto

    Be very careful with mold – once it starts in one room, it’s very sneaky and can find its way into other areas of your house. Might want to do a thorough inspection. I worked a mold case at a firm once – what they thought was just in the bathroom had worked its way throughout their entire house and the house was condemned. Not trying to freak you out, but it’s very each to catch BEFORE the nightmare happens.

  2. Eek! That sounds dreadful! We’re lucky in the other two bathrooms because they actually used linoleum. Plus, the other bathroom is hardly used, so that definitely helps. But I’m really agitated that we have to go through this. The house you did the case on, was it their fault or the builder’s fault??

  3. memorylanephoto

    That case was a long time ago – but for some reason, I think it had to do with the insulation that was used that totally festered the mold problem and it basically spread throughout the entire house. Carpet in bathrooms is just a recipe for disaster though, and I think those Hubble Homes are known for cutting corners and going cheap. I don’t think it’s against any building code though, which is how they get away with it.