Future Explorer?

Ever since I started this current semester, my little guy has been infatuated with my Geography book. I’m not sure what it is about that book, but every time it is in plain view, he has to have it. It cracks me up! So I give up and let him thumb through it a time or two. I figure, what the hey, what’ll it hurt? Well, there comes a time that I need to do some homework and having to pry the book from his little fingers – breaks my heart to see him cry. To solve our little dilemma, we found his Atlas that I bought him last year, upstairs in his room. He now carries that book all over the house, the car, even to grandma’s house and back.

The hubs and I like to make sure that when he goes through his book, that we point out the different states. We are repetitious with him and even show him all the different things that other locations have to offer. Let me tell ya. Idaho’s was pretty cool. We decided to explore some “ghost towns” that were mentioned in his book. (mentioned in the little article below – in photo) – so be sure to check back for an update… those are coming soon. 😀

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