Spring Break Adventure, Day 5 *Revised*


Ghost-town day!! This trip consisted of going from Idaho City, Centerville, Placerville, and out through Horseshoe Bend. It was a big huge loop! It was a long drive, but we were totally up for it.

First we stopped at Addie’s Restaurant in Downtown Boise. Their breakfast was A-mazing! They had the best damn hashbrowns I have ever had…. Anyway. After breakfast, we continued on our journey.

Idaho City, the first town on our list. This place was a super fun time! We were looking for a great afternoon snack and found Sarsparilla. An ice cream parlor in the heart of Idaho City.

The ice cream was so good and the smell of the waffle cones baking was to die for! Jeffrey and I shared a strawberry cone. From the moment we walked into the shop, he was eying a souvenir bear. He wouldn’t leave it alone, so to avoid a conflict – Jeffrey got his souvenir from Idaho City.

Next up was Centerville, but much to our dismay was not much of what we were expecting. There wasn’t much of a town, let alone a cemetery to check out. 😦 But I didn’t leave without taking a pic (of water still frozen!)

Then we got to Placerville. It was so cool! However. After talking to one of the locals, I’m really agitated. The local guy told us that there was a Doctor who lived there who owns most of the property. Bad news? The doctor decided that he was going to shut down the only grocery store and gas station they have out there. He told the city council that as far as he was concerned, the whole place could rot. He had no intentions of renting, leasing, or selling any of his property. Due to his remark, the city council then told him that as far as they were concerned, he would NEVER get a business license again. To sum it up, the city is (im)patiently waiting for the doctor to croak (he’s in his 80’s now) so that the land is up for grabs. I’ve never personally wished anyone to to die per se, but I have to agree with the town folk that what this guy did to a small community is pretty eff’d up. Now, the closest town to get gas or some groceries is Idaho City (they did just recently open up a little “grocery” store, but it only has the bare necessities). What a big inconvenience ONE man made for and ENTIRE town. If I ever win the lottery, I would soooo donate a good million. en they can do the renovations they need to. Our future depends on our history. It’s important.

After a long afternoon driving in the mountains, we ended our little day trip out of Horseshoe Bend. Then, we jetted over to Ben & Jerry’s. To pick up our ice cream cake. Yep, just because…

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