Spring Break Adventure, Day 6


Sadly, this was the day. The day where my gal pal Jessie had to go back to Virginia. 😦 I was really sad that she had to go, but I can understand that coming to the west has to be completely different than than the east. Ah well, more reasons for us (as a family) to go visit the east 😉

Later Saturday…

I was stir crazy. Absolutely stir crazy. After a week of constantly doing something, I couldn’t sit still. I tried. Really, I did. However, around 4pm, I told my hubby that I was going for a drive. And that’s exactly what I did.

So out of the blue, I drove to Hagerman, Idaho. Close to 90 miles away. And what I found was absolutely breath-taking! They have a lot of cool things to check out, but because I was limited on daylight, I kept it limited. Here are some of my favorites from my drive:

This was just right before getting to the freeway from the back way. I thought it was pretty and it had a cool little lake there.

This was near Hagerman, and I thought it was so cool! There were other little waterfalls that came out of the canyon all over the place. 🙂


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