4th Annual Recycled Art Show: Photo Phase 1

Earlier today, I met up with my friend ex-supervisor to take some photos of this year’s Annual Recycled Art Show that they will be hosting May 5th – 20th. I was really excited to see all the awesome stuff that people created using recyclable material! Supportive Housing and Innovative Partnerships, Inc. is a non profit organization that provides clean & sober housing to those who are recovering from substance abuse. Second Chance Building Materials Center is a social venture of SHIP established as an employment program to assist those in recovery. They’re holding an auction to help raise money for their non profit organization. What better way to show your support for clean & sober living than by donating to their mission?!It’s really important to use the resources we have in lieu of wasting new resources. So, If you live in the Treasure Valley (Idaho) area, come on by (1405 Grove Street, Boise) or check out their website : http://recycledartshow.afrogs.org/ for more information.
Here are some items that are currently up for bids:

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