Travel Treasures, Vol 2

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Heidi went to California (the Bay Area) to visit her mom for a whole week! Although I was super jealous that she was going and I wasn’t, she did bring back some awesome souvenirs for our family!

First up was Jeffrey’s new puzzle! This is hand & custommade and price is determined on how many letters are in the name. Good thing I gave him a name that can be shortened! I’d hate to find out what it would cost to have one made in my name… 10 letters? Yikes!

Next was Ross’ gift. Heidi knows how much my husband loves ice cream (even though he’s not all fond of mint) she brought him back astronaut mint chocolate chip ice cream!! Yep!! The real stuff that astronauts eat on their missions in space! It was really neat! I was a little reluctant to try some, but it was good! The only issue was that it wasn’t cold.
Please excuse the image that isn’t mine. I was going to take a pic of the package, but my hubs beat me to the chase and had already thrown it away. Poo!

Then there is my present. These things are soooo dang awesome! They’re super smelly and work for just about anything. You beat them into dust and can use them as potpourri, in the vacuum to make the house smell nice while you clean, in your car, the possibilities are endless!

What are some items that you cherish, from an adventure that you’ve taken?


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