Goal Part I : Mission Accomplished.

One step closer to the finish line. One step closer to the door. And I have to say that I’m a mix of all emotions right now. I have been so busy with bookings and school work that I haven’t really had a moment to digest the fact that in less than 3 weeks, I’ll be walking the line. I haven’t really thought about what I plan to do once I receive my Associate’s Degree. I know that I have about 3 more semesters left to go for my Bachelor’s, and with knowing that it’s only  1½ years away… Eek!!

Since school is all I’ve been doing (and of course the photography), I have decided to enroll myself in a program to earn a certificate in office work (or something like that) during the summer. I should have it completed by the time school starts again in the fall. May as well do it while I still have the time. 🙂

So yeah, that’s my little update for now. A lots going on here in our little family… More updates to come. Promise. 🙂



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    And I was going to with you “good luck” on the baby #2 posting, but it was there yesterday and gone today. But regardless, good luck!

    • Lol. I did it from my phone in hopes as a draft, but it posted it before I had a chance. lol. So. It’s back now. Thanks! I’m really excited, especially since the costs have gone down considerably! 🙂