Operation Baby: Our Family Plans…

So. Here we are. The beginning stages of our 2nd and final addition to our family. I’m so stoked about this!

The Game Plan:

Option #1

First option is to try the old fashioned way sure, sounds fun enough! But in order for that to be worthwhile, we have to do the following:

– Semen analysis
– HSG test {where they put dye in the fallopian tubes to see if they’re open}
– Consult with the specialist

Option #2

Second option available is to do IUI {intrauterine insemination}

Option #3

The final option-

IVF. This requires a lot of work and medication which includes self administered shots! Eek! That is very much time consuming. Been there, done that.

– Consultation
– pre-cycle blood testing
– water ultrasound
– frozen embryo transfer
– 2 days bed rest which is really hard to do!
– Day 11 blood test
– Day 13 – the big yay or nay…

So this pretty much sums it up. We haven’t yet decided which route we’ll go, but it will be happening this year! Eeeeeeeeeeeee!


Update provided due to the requests from family members…


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