I.R.S. = Idiots Representing {uncle} Sam

I’ve had it up to here. Yep. I’m so sick of the effin’ IRS, I could spit fire! We checked their wonderful website just last week to see when we were going to receive our taxes. Oh yes. You read that right. We have yet to receive our taxes because of their mess up. To make this clear, we filed ELECTRONICALLY. Not by mail. And one more thing. We filed our taxes FEBRUARY 11th. It’s been almost THREE months. We have officially called them a total of 9 times since then to check on the status. To find out what the delay was. Not ONE of their representatives had an answer. Not ONE?! Really?

Wanna know what’s more screwed up? The first update stated that we were supposed to receive them on or before May 3rd. After spending all morning watching our bank account, this is what I found instead:

Excuse me?! I now understand why people evade paying their taxes. And as pissed as I am right now, I’m about 2 seconds away from sending them an invoice for their delays. $100 a month that we’ve had to wait and the use of our “landline” minutes to contact them (15-20 minute wait per call). Yeah, that sounds good. If they can charge me ridiculous fees, why can’t I charge them?

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