{1,000th Post Edition} Recycled Art Show: Photo Phase 2

To kick off my 1,000th post, I’ve decided to share the newest – latest and greatest art pieces from this year’s 4th Annual Recycled Art Show. More info on that here.

Yes, there are some photos taken that most would consider to be “awkward” angles, but I promise it DOES serve a purpose. These photos are getting placed on their online auction website {it’s a silent auction}, so people who do not have a way to make it to Boise to see the pieces up-close-and-personal are able to get an idea of the details that most of the artists put into their art. These pieces must be comprised of at least 70% recyclable material.

I was in love with a many of these great pieces and if I had mucho dinero, I would own them all. So, without further adieu, here are most of the great pieces that I got today {there are many many more, but too many to post today :(}:

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