*I’ve lost my mind. Please forgive me*

After just sitting here, I started wondering about something. Something most people may or may not think about, but it occurred to me. Are the names we are given by our parents definitive to who we are? How exactly? Well. Based off definitions of what your name means, does that characteristic or quality represent the real you?

So I looked up my son’s name. And this is what came up.




1. Francis ( “Lord Jeffrey” ), 1773–1850, Scottish jurist, editor, and critic.

2. a male given name: from a Germanic word meaning “divine peace.”

And after careful contemplation, I would have to agree that it suits him well. Considering that his name was selected a year before he was born… I don’t think I did all that bad. Then, I started thinking about my own name.



The only thing in the dictionary was that it was a female given name. Duh. I’m a female and I was given the disastrous name. The only place I could get some information was Wikipedia and we all know how reliable a source that is. But this is all it said:

“heel-grabber”, “supplanter”

Um. I’m not quite sure what either of them are supposed to mean, but I hardly doubt it has anything to do with me or my personality.

Anyway. Enough of my blog post of random nothingness. Felt like sharing some useless information and hope that I helped you kill the last 5 minutes of your life. Or work day. Whichever.


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