{ArrowRock Dam & Reservoir} Mommy & Me Adventure: Vol 2.4

After finishing 2 of 4 finals today, I thought it would be nice to get out and enjoy the rest of the day. Jeff and I ventured out to a new spot we have never been to before, Arrow Rock Dam and reservoir. It was a lot of fun. We drove all the way down to the little beach area and hung out for about a half hour or so. Jeff had a grand ‘ol time throwing rocks into the lake and even found his own little souvenir! He’s so silly. He even gave me a couple smiles to grace my post 😉

Here are some shots that I got from today:

I’m really glad that I started doing these little “segments”. It’s extra quality time of just the two of us – and that is fine with me. 😀 Besides. We both get to see new things and there is nothing wrong with allowing where you live {and the little things} to take your breath away…



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  1. memorylanephoto

    We used to go boating there quite often – very fun place!