A New Approach…

As part of our family venture to help reduce our carbon footprint, we decided what better way than to start our very first garden! We have a very spacious backyard that is in dire need of having something done to it, and since I’m too lazy to sign up for Yard Crashers, I figured to do this 😉

The hubs and I decided that it would be a great project with Jeffrey {grandma already does a lot of gardening}, it helps out our pocket books and provides a more healthier option of foods. 😀

The selections are: chives, basil, parsley, dill, corn, tomatoes, potatoes {already planted}, cantaloupe, some flowers and pumpkins! Going to the pumpkin patch is fun and all, but the cost to go and actually buy pumpkins is quite pricey. Especially if you’re buying 3 decent sized pumpkins. This year we decided to grow our own. We may still go for the festivities and the hay rides, but we’re saving so much more by not getting them from there.

On a side note, Jeffrey grew some grass in his pre-school class!! I got that along with these wonderfully cute art projects from him too! 🙂



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  1. memorylanephoto

    We are planting our garden this week, too. Good luck with yours!