Our Lives Flashed before My Eyes…

On Sunday afternoon, Jeff and I met up with my cousin Melissa to go on a little trip to Montana. Her husband is currently relocating for a job, so we were taking him some necessities (food, clothes, etc.). Everything started out great! We chit chatted all the way, stopped for a quick dinner at BK and we were off again. Well after the last fuel up, it was my turn to drive. No problem. I took it nice and easy. So far, so good. Or so I thought. Not even after driving for 30-45 minutes, we hit construction. Okay. Not normally an issue, except for the fact that there were not enough delineators on the road to see where the road ended and the edge of the started. The tire hit the gravel, the trailer flew off (landing about 20 feet from the truck and UPRIGHT!) and we rolled AT LEAST 3 times. Miraculously enough, we landed upright also. To my amazement, my cousin and I walked away with bumps and bruises while my little Jeffrey was hardly touched (hallefreakinlujah!). Now – How do we call for help?? My phone had been long dead, my cousin’s phone was thrown from the truck and it took 5 minutes before someone was kind enough to even stop to see if we were okay. That kind of pissed me off, but what can I do about the lack of common concern for a fellow human being?

Then an angel appeared before us. She was called Kim. Oh yes, she not only comforted us, her husband happened to work for a towing company. She provided a roof over our heads, food in our bellies, and helped us calm down from the shock. She definitely is one in a million. If it weren’t for her, we would have been up that creek without a paddle.

The rest is really history. My arm still hurts like hell, thankfully will eventually heal. My son is perfect. My cousin has some ouchies, but had no choice but to continue on the journey. My Aunt Beckie came to our rescue and drove us to Boise. Not much of a Mommy & Me adventure, but it was definitely one that I hope to never revisit. Ever.



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