{Meridian Dairy Days} Mommy & Me Adventure: 2.6

Yesterday, Jeff and I went to take advantage of some carnival rides at the Meridian Dairy Days. We really didn’t want to hang around for the parade, so after a few rides {we rode the carousel, the rollercoaster, and the tilt-a-whirl}, a yummy caramel apple with nuts, and a fun dart game {where for a whopping $2 I won Jeff a little blue alligator; which he loves!} – we went home….



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2 responses to “{Meridian Dairy Days} Mommy & Me Adventure: 2.6

  1. Great photo’s . That caramel apple looks delish rolled in the nuts…

    • Thanks! I put my friend Steven behind the camera, he did really good (considering he knows nothing about my camera!) lol. and that apple… was amazing! 😉