In the end, We ALL bleed the same color…

For the last year, my BFF Steven and I have been planning to attend Boise’s annual Gay Pride event. I had never gone before and I was really looking forward to showing my support. The morning started off at the steps of the Capital building, where gays and gays alike rallied for equal rights. It was very inspiring and it was really nice to see everyone come out and show their encouragement and support. From the Capital, everyone then marched through downtown Boise to Ann Morrison Park for the afternoon festivities to begin. There were a bit of vendors out and we even treated ourselves to fresh fried potatoes and a yummy hamburger {sorry, no pics}. We had a great time, even if we had to walk back through the rain to get to the car. There was no way that a little rain was going to rain on our parade. 🙂

My mother raised me and my siblings to believe that we all bleed the same color. No ONE person is better than another. We all have the same hopes, dreams, and aspirations as any other human being. With that being said, GO THEM! Good for them for standing up for themselves. And I will forever be a Gay Pride participant – I have a good feeling that Steven and I will be going again next year. It was a great weekend!

Somewhat in order:

A group of supporters on their way to the rally.

Steven & I on the steps of the capital, completely my idea. And everyone else did it too! lol

Some more supporters. These ladies cracked me up. I love their hot pink go-go boots too! 😉

Me & Minerva Jayne. We were in 7th grade together. I definitely had to have my photo taken with this local celeb!


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