{The Majestic Cinema} Mommy & Me Adventure 2.8

Last night I decided to take Jeffrey to the movies for the very first time. I’ve been wanting to take him now for over a year, but I just wasn’t sure how he’d handle sitting through a 1½ – 2 hour movie. {For the past 6 months or so, my husband has been having his buddies at our house EVERY weekend. Not just a night, but the ENTIRE weekend. To be frank, I have had just about enough. With that being said, we needed to escape. Either that or go postal.} Jeffrey did surprisingly well! He behaved pretty much the entire time – there was a little rough spot where he got a little ansy, but sat down and enjoyed the rest of the movie. We had a great time! The only decent kid movie out right now is Cars 2, so that is what we went and watched…

On our way there!

The Mighty Majestic…

Jeff was very excited to get inside!

We stopped for a quick pic while we waited in line for some popcorn…

I think he loved the very LARGE screen… 😉

I think I’ve created a movie goer for life. 😀


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2 responses to “{The Majestic Cinema} Mommy & Me Adventure 2.8

  1. memorylanephoto

    I hope he liked it – Carter loved it!

    • He definitely seemed to have enjoyed it. I was really impressed he did so well. Definitely one to add to the Disney movie club list. 😉