{Western Idaho Fair} Mommy & Me Adventure 2.11

Yesterday I took Jeffrey & my little brother to the Western Idaho Fair. We arrived around 6pm and immediately went in search for some rides. The choices this year were absolutely amazing! {We’re actually planning to go back later this week (where the hubs comes too) to hit up a couple we weren’t able to get to.} We walked around, definitely made it a point to stop at the Pronto Pup stand for some awesome corndogs {since they closed up shop and all}! We hit up some kiddie rides so Jeff could participate in all the fun! Jeff also rode the ponies and fed some of the animals! Holy smokes, we didn’t even get home til close to Midnight! {Makes for a looooong morning!, let me tell ya.} It was a great day and can’t wait to go later. It literally takes 2 whole days to cover that place. There are soooo many things to see and do! 

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