Silver City: A Featured Story in Idaho Magazine

Many moons ago (ok, actually late January), I was presented the opportunity to submit some of my photos from Silver City to be featured in Idaho Magazine. However, the first time I went I used my camera phone, so the photos were too low of resolution to be sent to print. So they held off on the publication until I was able to safely make it out there to get some more (which I greatly appreciated!). So when I took Jeff there in June this year, I got some more to submit to them. I love the idea that Idaho Magazine has in regards to their content. All photos must have some people in them (not necessarily the main focus), can’t be completely photo-shopped,  and has to be somewhere in Idaho. I’m honored to be in their magazine – Not only for my photos, but for my story as well. A published author and photographer?! I never thought in my wildest dreams that this would be happening. I’m very grateful.

Please excuse the overall quality, these were scanned on my printer. 😦 However, a copy is always available at a local store in Idaho 😉

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