{Forks & La Push, Washington} Double Mommy & Me Adventure: 2.15

A couple weeks ago, my BFF Kristina and I decided to take our boys out for a “Double” Mommy & Me adventure to Forks & La Push, Washington. We had a great time, even though it was a good 2 hour drive to get there. *Sigh* It was definitely worth it. Kristina and I both grew up in Grays Harbor, so we naturally have a love for the ocean. Funny thing, the moment we both saw the ocean – at the same time – said, “WOW!” I ♥ Kristina. Anyway. We stopped at a few places which included an hour of searching for the perfect souvenirs! Then we stopped at a cute little diner {where their specialties are the “Bella Burger” and “Twilight Punch” } to pick up a quick dinner, then it was off to La Push. B-E-A-U-T- I-F-U-L. We took the boys on to the beach – they both LOVED it! Then we let them run around and explore while Kris and I were diligently filling souvenir bottles of sand. Yes. I’m that person.

Well. Enough chit chat, let’s see what all this fuss is about! 😉

{The sign speaks for itself… Too bad the weather wasn’t better. Or maybe it was perfect?}

{A cute little hut next to the sign above. We were dorks and took pics. I didn’t like mine. So I didn’t post it. Neener Neener}

{This says that it’s Bella’s truck from the Twilight movies, although… Who really knows if it’s the real one?}

{Then we decided to stalk Bella and sit outside her house. I’m sure the folks that really live there didn’t appreciate it.}

*Angel’s sighing* {La Push. Gorgeous. And guess what?! It stopped raining!! Just long enough for little peeks from the sun.}

{And the classic – I’ll take a picture of you taking a picture of me picture.}

{Roger and Jeffrey. Oh, and we can’t forget the dog that would rather have his owners leave than leave the beach. Smart doggie ;)}

{Jeffrey’s first trip to the beach was in 2008. He was less than a year old. Still loves it. *Sigh* So do I…}

{See these really cool apothecary bottles? I ♥ them. However. Wet sand and small neck bottles don’t mix.}

{Then I needed to spot where my lil guy went and barely found him! These logs are 4x bigger than he is!}

{After working diligently for a whole half hour, we finally filled our bottles. And what a perfect backdrop for a pic!}

{Set the camera up to take a quick pic of me and Jeff. One of many faves :)}

{Then it was time for a group shot! I’m pleased everyone is smiling 🙂 }

{And of course, my BFF and I. Over 20+ years. Very proud of that. 😀 }

{And to top it off, Kris got a picture of me and Jeff. I love seeing him happy… }

Here’s to a successful mommy & me adventure. And it was nice to have some company along the way. Going alone is only so fun before it becomes that you really want to share the experience with everyone…



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2 responses to “{Forks & La Push, Washington} Double Mommy & Me Adventure: 2.15

  1. It looks like a fun adventure. I love going to the coast and I can hardly wait until the new movie comes out 🙂