{Sunset Beach Park, Gig Harbor, Washington} Mommy & Me Adventure: 2.16

While my niece and nephew were in school, Jeff and I went on a little adventure to see if we could find a place to take some pretty scenic photos. Thank goodness for my Aunt’s GPS! There’s a feature on there for “Attractions”, allowing to find the closest hot spots near your current location. I’m glad I used it, we found quite the little gem!

{Another blurry pic of me and Jeff. Hey, it’s not that easy to focus when I’m running to my spot with 0 seconds to spare!}

{It’s not that visible, but Mount Rainier (as my nephew likes to call “Mt. Raindeer”) is in the distance}

{I love this pic! I got lucky that it turned out fairly decent.

It wasn’t on anything too sturdy and straight, so crooked will just have to do…}

{Toto! I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore…. Someone’s dog, checking the place out}

{This was someone’s backyard! There were at LEAST 8 deer, just hanging out. No plans on being anyone’s meal this hunting season…}

I really enjoyed this adventure, and they benefit Jeff too. There is always room to learning and seeing new things…

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