Boudoir: {Simply Unique Photo Studio, Nampa, Idaho}

Sunday afternoon, I met up with a great gal for some boudoir photos. Well, about 2 weeks ago, my cousin introduced me to a lady who shoots in Nampa and also runs a studio (which you can rent by the hour (2 hour minimum)). So I booked their “Boudoir Suite” for our shoot. It was great! They provided the soft box lighting and a lot of props (boas, hats, blankets, etc.) that you can use! They also have backdrop sets set up for formal head-shot/portrait photos. I have to say that the pics that I took turned out a lot better than I had expected! I may make the studio an option for future clients seeking more of a “traditional” background (for an extra cost, of course!)

The Studio:

Simply Unique Photo Studio
Karcher Mall, Nampa, Idaho

Here are a few tasteful samples (trust me, there were a lot more that I wanted to share but decided not to):

{Client okay’d photos to be posted}



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6 responses to “Boudoir: {Simply Unique Photo Studio, Nampa, Idaho}

  1. memorylanephoto

    Seems like a cool place! How many “suites” do they have? Tell me more about it….. 🙂

    • They only have one bedroom suite per se but they have separated rooms that are decorated differently. An example would be a corner with a Christmas tree, presents, and couch. Another is a backdrop with a posing stool, a room with a lot of props. Its pretty cool! They’re still fixing up the “suite” but I was their guinea pig 😉 I think they’re worth trying out. Especially at $25/hr 🙂

  2. memorylanephoto

    So it’s a 2 hr minimum though?