2011, A Year in Review…


The new year started off with a couple Mommy & Me adventures, which of course included our little trip to the ice skating rink and McCall’s Winter Carnival {which we’ll be attending again next year}. It was pretty slow to start the year off, but it was anything but boring!


This was a pretty slow month. I had a few photo shoots, but nothing too spectacular going on. We did however rip up our bathroom carpet to reveal a nasty growth of mold happening underneath. So the hubs ripped it out and it wasn’t until recently that we are in the works of getting it remodeled. It is my goal in the next couple months to do an update on the after pics. So please bare with us. 🙂


It’s been way too long since I’ve posted an !ntent!onal Happ!ness {!!!} post and would very much like to get into the swing of doing more next year. It really makes you take a step back to appreciate the little things that make you happy. Especially when you least expect it.


Towards the end of March, early April – my pal Jessie came to visit all the way from Virginia! Honestly, I don’t think the amount of days that she was here was enough to show her everything that Idaho has to offer. However, I did take her on a few adventures during her time here. We ventured to Eastern Oregon {another state that she was able to check off her list} and Southwestern Idaho and took many many photos! I’m pleased to announce that her little trip here allowed for her to be published as an author and photographer in the November 2011 issue of Idaho Magazine! Now, we’re trying pretty hard to work out a week where Jeff and I can take a visit there. She’s now moved to Ohio, but we’re working on an East Coast visit nonetheless. Her visit here was definitely one of my most memorable moments from 2011!


May was another month of new surprises. We received Jeffrey’s Autism diagnosis, which has changed our approach with him. Drastically. Although I think we’re making great strides with him. Feeding therapy is still a go, but we’re now working in Speech therapy also. Hoping that one of the two will happen soon!

Then it was time for me to walk the line. I finally graduated with my Associates of Science in CJ from Boise State. For me, that was a huge accomplishment {next to my son of course}!

We also decided to expand our family by adding our cute little Nakita to it. “Kita” is definitely a bowl full of energy and still is to this day! Although, she’s not my favorite. She has a major issue with licking. YUCK!


June sure did start off with a bang, literally. On an impromptu visit to Eastern Montana with my cousin turned into wreckage in the median, somewhere in St. Anthony, Idaho. I sure wasn’t expecting to roll 3 times and sure did cause my life to flash before my eyes. If we had started to roll 20 feet before, we wouldn’t have made it because we would have slammed into a pavement roller. No bueno. Not at all. 😦

Good thing we survived the wreck! I had Gay Pride 2011 to attend with my BFF Steven! I wouldn’t have missed that for the world! We marched along with the crowd {at least til we got super thirsty and was led off the trodden path} from the Capitol to Ann Morrison Park, where we hung out and enjoyed the festivities. Then it rained. and rained. and rained. We were both soaked by the time we walked back to his car!

I loved their supporters too! These women cracked me up!

Then to cap the month off, Jeff and I went on a two day trip to Winnemucca, Nevada to visit some friends I grew up with. It was really cool to hang out with my buds and have our kids play together. I always wondered if I’d be able to do that someday and I finally did!


We were super busy! July consisted of a new dog, Katy Perry, and camping. What better way to celebrate July?! 😉

The hubs thought “Kita” was bored and needed a playmate, so we ended up getting her sister – Zoey. I do favor Zoey over “Kita” cause she’s more mellow and DOES NOT LICK. #1 requirement in my book. Anywho.

Then there was Katy Perry. My BFF Steven invited me to come along with him, Heidi, & Rachel to see her in concert. Boy does she know how to en.ter.tain! She actually has some great songs on her previous CD. And I love that she interacted with the audience. She’s earned major brownie points with me. Thanks again Steven for an amazing time!! ♥

Next up was our family camping trip! We gathered up all our posse {Steven, Ross, Jeff, Vicente, and Stephanie} and headed to Thousand Springs Resort to set up camp. We had an amazing time and the view was just awesome! The swimming pool was a definite perk, which we took advantage of both days we were there! I wonder where we’ll go next year, I can’t wait!


Well we finished our camping trip at the beginning of August and it was a definite highlight! I took my little brother Vicente and Jeff to the Western Idaho Fair, where it was really hot and way too many people. Maybe we’ll plan it a little better next year.

Then the icing on the cake for me was the publication of my story and 4 photos in the Idaho Magazine’s September issue. I thought that was the coolest thing in the whole wide world. 🙂


September is our month. The month where we celebrate a lot of everything in one. First up was our 3rd Wedding anniversary – which we celebrated at Denny’s because we were sick. We barely had the energy to drive 8 miles just to have breakfast for dinner. 😦 Then I faced my 30th birthday. No. I wasn’t really thrilled. I’m still not. Thank GOODNESS for anti-wrinkle creams!! The most exciting part of the month is when we have fun with Jeffrey to celebrate his birthday. This year’s birthday surprise was the Barnum & Bailey, Ringling Bros. Circus. It was a really great performance and Jeffrey really enjoyed it!


What a busy month! To say the least! First was my big out-of-state excursion to Salt Lake City to shoot a Quinceañera, then a huge family shoot the following day, then to fly out to Seattle the day after that! Phew! I spent 2 whole weeks in Gig Harbor, helping my Aunt watch my niece and nephew while they were out of the country in England and Iceland. {They brought me back a bone china coffee cup from Harrod’s and Jeff got a plush new teddy from the same store}. I had a great time hanging out with my niece and nephew, the last time I saw them was almost a year and half before! Yikes! :/


Aside from family photo shoots, November was a pretty easy going month. The only hectic thing I tried and probably won’t (ok, maybe I will) try again – self family photos. Not the easiest thing in the world to do with a kiddo who won’t look at the camera, a husband who moves after it’s been focused, and poof! Blurry pics. 6 decent photos out of 200. Yup, 200!!


After really wanting to go to Canada in lieu of celebration this year, I changed my mind. Ross has made some really great strides at work and allowed for us to enjoy the holiday. We were able to get our own Christmas tree, decorate, buy presents, and even host our own ham dinner on Christmas Eve. Then on Christmas day, we went over to my MIL’s house to open presents and have some clam chowder for dinner. It was great! After dinner, we drove through a couple neighborhoods to view some Christmas lights. That’s pretty much our holiday summed up into one! Lol. 😉

That’s our year in a nutshell. Hopefully next year has a lot more in store!

Wishing you all a safe and Happy New Year!!

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